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Phi Alpha Pi Paperback and EBook now for sale on major retailers!

Phi Alpha Pi Launch Party videos!

My friend Laura was kind enough to film the Phi Alpha Pi launch party. There are two videos and both part one and part two are up on YouTube already! Check them out.

Sara Marks VIP Facebook Group Now Open

There is a new VIP Facebook group you can join.  Members will be able to interact with me and other people any time.  We will be helping with naming characters, beta reading, and more.  They will also get special access to content, get to play games, win prizes and more.  Join today!

July and August Group Giveaways.

Modern Persuasion has been selected for a few group giveaways!  Check them out and try to get a copy of all the books available!

  1. Summer Lovin’ – Until August 3rd
  2. Limitless Romance – Until August 17th