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Phi Alpha Pi coverPhi Alpha Pi Nominated for the 2018 Kobo Writing Life Cover Contest!

Phi Alpha Pi has been nominated for the award in the Romance category. Starting this Friday (tomorrow!), the contest will be posted weekly on their blog It will be easy to find on the homepage, but I will have a specific link tomorrow morning. The poll will be open from 9.00am on Friday until midnight of the following Thursday (the 26th).

After that, there will be three other categories. If Phi Alpha Pi is in the final 3, then I will be in the finals starting on December 14th.


Mill Pages Volume 3 Now Available

You can buy your copy of Mill Pages volume 3 now. This is the 2018 edition of the magazine. My essay, Burned In My Brain, is about those numbers that get stuck in my head over the years. You can buy the print for $5.50 at Amazon and the ebook from Blurb for $4.99.

Phi Alpha Pi Audiobook Now Available!

You can now buy the Phi Alpha Pi audiobook on Amazon, Audible, or iTunes.A Little More Phi Alpha Pi

A Little More Phi Alpha Pi Trailer, Cover Reveal, and Presale!

Check out YouTube to see the trailer for A Little More Phi Alpha Pi. The ebook is available for pre-order at It will be delivered to you on December 3rd when it is officially released. The paperback edition will be available then as well!

November Group Giveaways

For Horror Readers!

  1. Halloween Shifters (October 15- November 15)