Huge paperback sale - 50% off autographed paperback copies of Modern Persuasion, Phi Alpha Pi, and Woodhouse Hall now through February.

Starting today and through February, I’m having a huge sale on paperbacks at my website. You can get autographed copies of Modern Persuasion, Phi Alpha Pi, and Woodhouse Hall for half the price. If you have a friend who likes sassy chick lit and Jane Austen modernization, share the link!
This is limited to US residents only. ⁠

#RescueMe is Now Available on Amazon

Get the ebook and paperback on Amazon now.

Every generation has an epic and memorable music festival. One young woman thinks this will be hers until every expectation is destroyed piece by piece. She’s not alone. They find themselves stuck in a small airport without their luggage or even a charger so they can connect with their family, friends, and followers. All she wants to do is get on a plane and go home but that is proving to be difficult.

Her daughter is forcing her to clean out her hoarded home but does the home want to be cleaned out? The deeper they go, the more secrets they uncover. Dead animals aren’t the only thing they discover before the hoard comes crashing down.

Her girlfriend isn’t the type of woman go to camping, even in an RV, but is making the best of it. That is until their curiosity about local urban legends leads them to hunt for the trees that bleed.

Hearing a song will turn everyone into zombies. You think you’re safe by not listening but if it gets stuck in your head, you might as well give up.

Enjoy these stories and others from author S.R. Marks.

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All Books Moved to Kindle Unlimited

Given the shift in online indie publishing, I’ve made a decision to move my ebooks exclusively into Amazon. When you are at events or local shops you will be able to buy paperbacks. Ebooks are now included in Kindle Select from Amazon.

This means the ebooks will no longer be on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple Books, or smaller book vendors.

Nothing is changing for the audiobooks.

Northanger Parks Audiobook Released

Available on Major retailers

Audiobook fans can officially get the Northanger Parks audiobook from Amazon, Audible, and Apple.

This book has a new narrator!

Narrator Marie Caron lives and works in Alberta, Canada. She has two grown children and recently re-married. She lives with her husband, dog, cat and bird in a little house on the shores of an inland marina. in her spare time, Marie likes cycling, crocheting, reading, and, of course, listening to audiobooks.

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Horror Collection Giveaway!

Win free books!

It’s January. In the northern hemisphere it gets dark early (3:30pm in Massachusetts). It’s cold and snowy. It’s 2021, which may not be much better than 2020 (if we’re lucky). I think it’s time for a nice giveaway!

This is your chance to get all three books (Kraulaak, Bribre, and the Wicked Women anthology) plus some extra goodies like a warm cowl and tea supplies.

How do you enter?
First, you need to be a US resident (i.e. live in the US). I will confirm this before I announce the winner.
Second, follow me on Instagram, like the horror/fantasy Facebook page, or sign up for the horror/fantasy mailing list. You can do all three. Each one gets you an additional entry.
Third, wait for January 25th when I will pick the winner.

Northanger Parks – All Formats Now Available!

Northanger Parks book cover

Now get your ebook, paperback, and audiobook!

Northanger Parks is officially available in all formats. The easiest place to get your copy is from as it has all three formats. The audiobook came out last week and this is the perfect time to debut the links to every edition! The ebook, exclusive to Amazon, is included in Kindle Unlimited.

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Wicked Women Anthology Ebook and Paperback On Sale Now!

Short story anthology from the New England Horror Writers

Last year my story “Does This Bring You Joy?” was accepted and published in this amazing horror anthology. Featuring stories by women in the New England Horror Writers group, this anthology showcases some amazing stories from budding authors and well known ones. I’ve read and heard (during reading events) many of the stories but mine remains my favorite.

You can get your copy on Amazon now. Hopefully, when we hold live events again, I will be available to sign autographs on my story. Here are the links and they will be added to the list of my horror books.

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