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The Purim Fling

It’s not easy to find time for even a fun fling when you work three jobs and sleep in your childhood bedroom.

Jenna is stuck. It’s been nine months since she graduated from college and moved in with her parents. She hasn’t had a hint of romance for even longer. That changes when she meets Asher, who’s in town for a business meeting, at the Temple’s annual Singles Purim Party.

Asher is bored. He’s doesn’t do relationships, especially with women who want the suburban white picket fence life. That changes after a drunken hook up with Jenna; he can’t get her out of his head and wants more.

A quick fling is just what they both need to find themselves again. The Purim Fling is a fun story about learning about who you really are and standing up for what you really want.

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The Matzo Ball Billionaire

Sometimes you can become a slave to other people’s expectations of who you should be.

Jenna enjoyed her fling with Asher. It was just what she needed to remember the woman she wants to be. She’s on the right path, but only wants a partner who wants the same life she does.

Asher didn’t like the way things ended with Jenna. He’s angry with himself for acting like the entitled, aggressive jerk. He wants to see her again, but not for another fling. All this self-reflection has made it clear that he wants more, but he has to open up to her.

Passover is the prefect opportunity for him to show Jenna the man he really is, if she’ll let him. He has until the annual Matzo Ball party at her synagogue to discover if they belong together.

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Forgive Me, I Love You

Falling in love with the one man she dislikes was never in Nora life plan, now she has to earn his forgiveness before it’s too late.

Nora and Noah have always been enemies. Even as children they hated playing together.

Now as adults, they’re learning that liking each other isn’t necessary for great sex. That is until Rosh Hashanah dinner, when Nora does something Noah can’t seem to forgive. Normally she wouldn’t care, but something’s different this time. She cares about Noah more than she realized. She might even be in love with him. 

Nora needs to reconcile her hurtful behavior with her changing feelings. Over the week between the new year celebration and the day of redemption, Yom Kippur, she will ask for and hopefully earn forgiveness from Noah and even from herself. 

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Latkes of Love

One-night stands don’t turn into happily ever after.

Rachel is living at home and working a toxic job. Three months ago Seth, her boyfriend of three years, broke up with her when she expected him to propose. She thinks she’s moving on until he shows up at her family’s Chanukah party with Golda, everyone’s enemy! The two are now engaged after starting an affair back in April.

Rachel does something crazy and sleeps with Max, the new professor at the local university and her brother-in-law’s colleague. She only expects it to be a one night stand, but as she gets to know him for the next eight days, she realizes there’s something more between them.

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