Romancing Mr. Tilney

Book Seven in the 21st Century Austen Series

Hanna Thornton is a modern woman with a classic problem.

Everyone around her thinks she should finally settle down and get married, but she’d rather be alone than compromise her idea of an ideal partner

When Hanna is asked, at the last minute, to be the Object of Desire on the popular romance reality show Romancing The One, she accepts. Not because she wants to find love, but because she’s been offered a hefty financial bonus.

When she meets Oscar Tilney, she’s surprised by their mutual and overwhelming attraction. If only the show’s producers agreed. They have their own plans for who should win and Oscar has to go even if it’s not Hanna decision.

If Hanna can stand true to her convictions she may be able to give the viewers someone to root for, invest her heart as wisely as her money, and find out why the producers lied about Oscar’s departure. 

Romancing Mr. Tilney is the intriguing stand alone sixth book in the 21st Century Austen romantic comedy series. If you like classics made contemporary, romantic reality television, instant attraction, and finding the right partner in unexpected places, then you’ll love Sara Marks’ lighthearted gender swapped modernization of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey.

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