Yom Tov Book Club Support Page

Hello Book Clubs!

I’m Sara Marks, the author of the Yom Tov Jewish Holidays Romance series. I’m so excited your book club would like to read one of the books in this series. This page should give you everything you need for your club members to get the book and discuss it at your meeting.

The series

While each of the four holidays has a short novelette to read, you can read them all at once in the collective volume. Each novelette focuses on a different holiday – what I considered the most popular in Judaism: Purim (Purim Fling), Passover (The Matzo Ball Billionaire), the two high holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur (Forgive Me, I Love You), Chanukah (Latkes of Love).

Who will like these? Readers who like a little drama with happy endings for our heroes. These are fast reads, perfect for a month when your club wants something lighter. These are secular Jewish couples, primarily from the Reform movement. There is lots of sex and profanity in all four stories. While the holiday traditions, especially the food, feature heavily, there is no talk about faith, Torah, and religiosity.

Can teenagers read this? It’s up to you. There is lots of sex between straight, consenting adults who use protection. One story focuses around a fling and another around a one-night-stand. I have no problem talking to teens about these things but I’m not their parents and understand that’s who gets to make this decision.

The Books

All four novelettes and the combined volume are all published. You can read them in any order but I would start with Purim Fling.

Purim Fling
Holiday: Purim
Couple: Jenna and Asher
Themes: flings and getting out of a rut.

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Event idea: Purim Party!
The Matzo Ball Billionaire
Holiday: Passover
Couple: Jenna and Asher
Themes: breaking out of a life you don’t want and being the type of person you know you are.

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Event idea: the seder meal with matzo ball soup!
Forgive Me, I Love You
Holidays: Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur
Couple: Nora and Noah
Themes: forgiving yourself and being open to new things.

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Event idea: Break your fast and stick to dairy!
Latkes of Love
Holiday: Chanukah
Couple: Rachel and Max
Themes: Finding love after heartbreak and a one night stands turning into something more.

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Event idea: Chanukah party.

What I can do for your book club

I know not everyone can or wants to buy books. To help you all read in the format you like, I have options!

  • 3 paperback loaners of the complete collection
  • Free ebooks in the format of your choice (either the complete collection or individual novelettes)

I’d love to chat with your book club. I’ve been in book clubs myself and know not everyone will love the book. We don’t have to talk about the book. I’m happy to talk about:

  • My inspiration for these books.
  • Growing up Jewish.
  • Jewish food I love.

Let me know if you want to schedule a visit!

Book Club Guides

  • Purim Fling
  • The Matzo Ball Billionaire
  • Forgive Me, I Love You
  • Latkes of Love
  • The Complete Collection

What else?

Let’s chat!