Phi Alpha Pi

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21st Century Austen #2

Phi Alpha Pi is the oldest and largest sorority on campus and new president Lizbeth has a busy senior year ahead of her. She’s determined to keep her sorority in good standing on campus after a year on academic probation. She’s trying to manage the new sorority house manager, Mrs. C, who has her own ideas about how to support the sorority sisters. All while trying to find balance with her own academic goals to complete an honors thesis, graduate, and decide her future plans.
The last thing Lizbeth expects is her anger when Wil, a new member of the Alpha Pi fraternity, pushes every one of her buttons. Lizbeth finds Wil, a new transfer to the university with his best friend, to be rude, snobby, and judgmental. Even though she tries to avoid him, he seems to be everywhere, scowling with displeasure when he sees her. That is, until his Thanksgiving proclamation of love. That causes Lizbeth to reconsider how she sees the world and Wil.

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A Little More Phi Alpha Pi!

A Little More Phi Alpha Pi

21st Century Austen #2.5

You asked for more stories! How did Wil eventually propose to Lizbeth? What about the birth of their first child? What was going through Wil’s mind when he bought that Sriracha t-shirt? How did Lizbeth get elected president of Phi Alpha Pi? How did the next year go with Marie and Kitty leading the sorority?  All these questions and more will be answered in a collection of six short stories and expanded character profiles. Like the previous volume, this book is for the readers who just want a little more time with the characters of Phi Alpha Pi.

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“Open to Negotiation” is a short story about Phi Alpha Pi’s Lydia! It’s available in Dangerous Curves Ahead.

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