Northanger Parks

Northanger Parks book cover

21st Century Austen Book 4

Welcome to the most wonderful place in the universe! A place for joy, friendship, and maybe love.

Katie Merton is a graduate student with an impulsive streak. When her aunt and uncle invite her to join them on a last-minute, all-expense-paid trip to the Northanger Parks California theme park and resort, she jumps at the chance to visit her favorite place! Who cares that she’s just started her final semester of graduate school and has a temporary job as a project manager starting in a few weeks?

Katie knows she’s made the right decision to take this trip when she meets popular YouTube personality Ethan Thornton and his sister. Spending time with them makes the trip even more magical, and Katie finds herself unexpectedly carried away by the possibility of a new relationship.  

She’s convinced she’s right about Ethan’s feelings from her when the Thornton’s invite her to extend her vacation by joining them for a week at the Northanger Parks in Florida. Once there, Katie struggles with the Thornton’s domineering father, who sends her packing when Katie brashly kisses Ethan. Heartbroken, Katie returns home seeing all the ways her assumptions and misjudgments led to her banishment.  She has to learn to accept Ethan’s needs and make sure they fit with hers if she’s ever going to find her happily ever after.

This is book 4 in my 21st Century Austen Chick Lit series, inspired by Northanger Abbey. The ebook, paperback, and audiobook are all on sale now. The ebook is included in Kindle Unlimited!

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Book 4.5

Even when the book ends, the stories aren’t over! Join author Sara Marks for a Little More Northanger Parks Learn about Ethan’s proposal to Katie at a special event. See what happens to Bella when Karen, from Modern Persuasion, quits as her mentor. See Katie visit the Phi Alpha Pi sorority at Lacock State as part of career day. You even get to read how Hanna and Ethan started the story before they met Katie! Readers who like a little horror with their romance will enjoy the last story about the darker side of Northanger Parks.
Like previous volumes, this book of seven bonus stories is for the readers who just want a little more time with the characters of Northanger Parks.

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