Northanger Parks

Northanger Parks

When Katie’s aunt and uncle invite her to join them on an all-expense-paid trip to the Northanger Parks California resort as an early graduation present, she jumps at the chance to go to her favorite theme park in the universe! There she meets siblings Eva and Ethan. Her instant connection with Ethan is overwhelming and Katie’s sure its mutual. Convinced that Ethan will proclaim his love for her, Katie accepts their invitation to join them at the parks in Tampa, Florida for another week.

Once there, Katie struggles with their domineering father who generously included her in this trip but doesn’t seem to like her. When Katie gets frustrated waiting for Ethan and makes her a move, she’s sent packing. Once back in the real world, she learns what went wrong and why Ethan was unable to tell her how to felt.

This novel, inspired by Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey, welcomes you into the world of Northanger Parks and The Most Wonderful Place in the Universe, especially for a hopeless romantic.

Coming Fall 2020!

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