Love and War in Woodhouse Hall

21st Century Austen #3

Amelia Ward is a modern woman with a classic problem.

She’s meddled in her friend’s love lives and lost the people closest to her. Now she has to earn their forgiveness before it’s too late.

After successfully playing matchmaker, Amelia believes she has a knack for understanding what makes relationships work. Not that she’s in one, but she’s sure she knows. Which is why she’s surprised to be proven wrong after trying to set up her roommate with the Student Government President.

If she had listened to her best friend, Adam Parker, when he warned her, maybe this could have been avoided. Now her roommate is barely speaking to her, the President is trying to destroy Amelia’s life, and Adam only sees her faults.

Amelia needs to recognize her mistakes and take accountability before she makes things worse and loses what’s most important to her. She’s determined to regain her roommate’s trust, turn the political machinations against the president, and show Adam that she understands what love is — because she loves him.

Love and War in Woodhouse Hall is the intriguing standalone third book in the 21st Century Austen romantic comedy series. If you like classics made contemporary, friends to lovers, misguided matchmakers, and redemption stories, then you’ll love Sara Marks’ lighthearted modernization of Jane Austen’s Emma.

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