Unraveling Carrie Woodhouse

Unraveling Carrie Woodhouse Cover

21st Century Austen Book 5

Carrie Woodhouse is a modern woman with a classic problem

She’s trying so hard to be all things to all people, she’s forgotten to be what the most important person in her life needs.

Carrie is determined to make a difference in her hometown of Lacock, MA. She knows she’s luck to have it all. Her family’s yarn shop is the bustling heart of downtown. Her love life with partner Zack Knightly is exactly what her heart wants. When she’s invited to join the Community Center’s board of trustees, the generous businesswoman seizes the chance to put all her ideas for the locals into action. 

Even though she thinks she inviting the best to help on the advisory team, she soon butts heads with the manipulative Chamber of Commerce CEO. Burning the candle at both ends leaves her with a failing business and a lover looking for the door, Carrie frantically scrambles to keep it all together.

If she can find a way to support her community while being a real partner to those she loves, maybe she can prevent her good intentions from destroying everything she built.

Unraveling Carrie Woodhouse is the intriguing stand alone fifth book in the 21st Century Austen romantic comedy series. If you like classics made contemporary, yarn & crafts, friends to lovers, romance in the kitchen, then you’ll love Sara Marks’ lighthearted modernization of Jane Austen’s Emma.

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