Sweeten Up Ginny Darcy

This isn’t a meet-cute. It’s meet-WTF-DID-I-SAY?!

Ginny Darcy is a modern woman with a classic problem.
She’s proud and confident of her candy making heritage, but she’s at a loss when it comes to romance and the mesmerizing eyes of Elliot Bennet. 
After being kicked out of her family’s candy store for not being able to keep her opinions to herself, she goes to Lacock, MA to help her friends open their own sweet shop. She butts heads with Elliot, whose family’s candy store has been in town for decades and is only hanging on because of local support. He makes it clear that he doesn’t like an entitled outsider trying to help the competition.
Dislike blooms immediately, but a night stuck together in a snowstorm has Ginny rethinking her initial reaction.  As her crush grows into infatuation, she shares her feelings with Elliot, only to be rebuffed. She’s blindsided when he tells her he could never love someone he thinks is trying to destroy his family. 
Her pride in herself nearly cost Ginny her job – will it also cost her love?

If you like classics made contemporary, enemies to lovers, trope reversals, heroines ready to fix their mistakes, and candy making, then you’ll adore Sara Marks’ lighthearted, gender-swapped modernization of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

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