Love From Northanger Parks, Katie

21st Century Austen Book 4

Katie Merton is a modern woman with a classic problem. 

This graduate student and project manager has an impulsive streak in life and love. When her aunt and uncle invite her to join them on a last-minute, all-expense-paid trip to the Northanger Parks California theme park and resort, she jumps at the chance to visit her favorite place! Who cares that she’s just started her final semester of graduate school and has a new job starting in a few weeks?

Katie knows she’s made the right decision when she meets popular YouTube personality Ethan Thornton. Spending time with him makes the trip even more magical, and Katie finds herself unexpectedly carried away by the possibility falling in love.  She ignores the red flags and jumps at the chance to spent another week with them in Florida. After risking it all to kiss Ethan, Katie is sent packing. Heartbroken, she returns home to figure out what she did wrong.

If Katie can slow down and see how to plan her life as well as she plans projects, she may be able to finish her degree, get the job of her dreams, and regain Ethan’s trust enough to get her happily ever after in the most wonderful place in the universe!

Love From Northanger Parks, Katie is the intriguing stand alone fourth book in the 21st Century Austen romantic comedy series. If you like classics made contemporary, mistaken identities, opposites attract, and roadtrip romances, then you’ll love Sara Marks’ lighthearted modernization of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey.

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