For Book Clubs

I am so excited that your book club is going to read Modern Persuasion!  Here are a few things I hope can help make things more exciting!

  • A Reader’s Guide for book clubs: Sometimes we need something to jump start a discussion.  My friends at the Friendly Bookclub in Leominster, MA have been kind enough to put together a list of questions you all can use to discuss the book.  Some early editions of the book don’t have the questions printed in them.  That is why I am putting it up here for free!
  • Lemon and Poppy Babka recipe: Beverlee at Musings from My Yellow Kitchen is someone who participated in the blog tour.  Since her theme was recipes, we worked together to pick something yummy that Emma (and probably Fredrick, Louisa, Mary, and everyone else) would love to eat with their tea.  Now, I don’t expect you will be limiting your drinks to tea (Earl Grey if you want to be like Fredrick), but this yummy dessert would be a great addition to any book club meeting.
  • A visit to your book club: I am always happy to come to book clubs and chat about Modern Persuasion.  If I can’t physically come, I am very happy to be able to connect to the group via Skype, Google chat, Facebook, or chat software!  I will even send or bring some free stuff with me.