Modern Persuasion

Modern Persuasion 2022

21st Century Austen #1 – Now an Amazon Best Seller!

Emma Shaw is a modern woman with a classic problem. 

Eight years ago, Emma put her career and family above her own needs. She’s cut out the man she loves, is exhausted from carrying the emotional load for her family, and her dream career as an editor is on the brink of disaster. Now she has to face the man she gave up eight years ago in order to keep her career.

When her ex’s book launch is in crisis, her bosses coerce Emma to step in to save it even if that’s no longer her job. Forced to spend a month on the road, Emma has too much time to think about her regrets but also discover new opportunities to make the life she thought she would have, including a second chance with Fredrick.

If she can run her life as well as she runs this book tour, she can save her career, be with the man she loves, and maybe tell her family where to stick it. 

Modern Persuasion is the charming first book in the 21st Century Austen romance series. If you like classics made contemporary, forced proximity, reunited lovers, workplace romance, and road trips, then you’ll adore Sara Marks’ lighthearted modernization of Jane Austen’s Persuasion.

Buy now to see how this modern woman gets her happily ever after. 

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