21st Century Austen Book Club Support

Hello Book Clubs!

I’m Sara Marks, the author of the 21st Century Austen series. I’m so excited your book club would like to read one of the books in this series. This page should give you everything you need for your club members to get the book and discuss it at your meeting.

The series

The 21st Century Austen series is an anthology series. This means you can read any book in the series in any order. They are all modernizations of Jane Austen’s classics. I focus on four: Pride & Prejudice, Persuasion, Emma, and Northanger Abbey. You don’t need to have read the original to enjoy these but it certainly won’t help. They are Chick Lit/Women’s fiction and Rom Com books. There is low heat – no sex on the page but there is profanity.

Who will like these? I find readers who like a little drama with villains who get what they deserve and happy endings for our heroes. These are fast reads, perfect for a month when your club wants something lighter. These aren’t Jane Austen’s books. I look at how her themes fit into our modern world.

The Books

As of Summer 2021, there are four published books and four more coming.

Modern Persuasion - 2018 CoverPhi Alpha Pi coverWoodhouse Hall coverNorthanger Parks book cover
Modern Persuasion
– Adapted from Persuasion
– Themes: second chances and regret.
– Takes place on an author’s book tour.

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Great event idea: tea party!
Phi Alpha Pi
-Adapted from Pride & Prejudice
– Themes: wrong first impressions and bad reputations.
– Takes place in a university sorority.

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Great event idea: ladies night!
Woodhouse Hall
– Adapted from Emma
– Themes: misguided matchmaking and fixing mistakes.
– Takes place in a university dorm.
– Warning: this book does have sexual misconduct.

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Great event idea: pizza party!
Northanger Parks
-Adapted from Northanger Abbey
– Themes: miscommunication and following your passion.
– Takes place in a theme park like Disney!

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Great event idea: theme park costumes!

What I can do for your book club

I know not everyone can or wants to buy books. To help you all read in the format you like, I have options!

  • 3 paperback loaners
  • Free ebooks in the format of your choice
  • Free audiobook codes from Audible (no credit card required)

Those who want to buy the books can get all three formats on Amazon. I’ll also mail bookmarks for the other books, stickers or swag from the book you’re reading, and some bonus items as a thank you!

I’d love to chat with your book club. I’ve been in book clubs myself and know not everyone will love the book. We don’t have to talk about the book. I’m happy to talk about:

  • How I come up with ideas.
  • Why Jane Austen still resonates today.
  • How I research these books.
  • The difference between Chick Lit, Rom Com, and Romance books.

Let me know if you want to schedule a visit!

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