21st Century Austen Series

21st Century AustenThe 21st Century Austen series is not a typical series. Instead of a series of books that must be read in order,  it’s an anthology series in a shared universe.  Each book in the series has the thinnest of threads that connect it to the other story, but you don’t need to read any of the others to enjoy just one or more.  You can pick up Phi Alpha Pi and read it before you read Modern Persuasion and not worry about missing important details.

Enjoy the books in this series:

FAQs about the 21st Century Austen Series

How is Modern Persuasion connected to Phi Alpha Pi?

Emma, from Modern Persuasion, is the editor for Layla Dreyfus, Lizbeth’s mother in Phi Alpha Pi

How is Woodhouse Hall connected to the other books?

Lydia from Phi Alpha Pi eventually transfers to Lacock State, where Jenna is her R.A. and Sally eventually gets a job with Emma from Modern Persuasion.

How is Northanger Parks connected to the other books?

Spoilers sweetie!

Do these books connect to the Kraulaak stories?

This is a shared universe, complete with magic and portals to predatory planets. At this time, it’s safe to assume that all the books I write are in the same universe, but might never have any overlap.

What are the “A Little More” books?

The “A Little More” series are short story collections related to each book. You’ll know which book because it will be in the title! These stories are where you will often see the threads that connect each book in the series in the stories or character profiles.