Modern Persuasion

“I’m not always enamored with retellings of Austen’s work but this book is an exception! The author subtly included key storylines from Austen to her modern story with clever twists. It wasn’t at all awkward or ridiculous. Rather, the new novel was most enjoyable and fun to read especially if one is both a Jane fan and one who likes second chances.”

Gail Herman
GoodReads Reviewer

“Ms. Marks’ characters are realistic and fleshed out, while remaining true to Austen’s originals, and the plot about forced reunions and second chances is seamless and unforced. She writes well and smoothly, bringing the details of the world of publishing to life.”

Musings from the Yellow Kitchen

Modern Persuasion offers readers a chance to reimagine Austen’s couple in a contemporary story that contains an entertaining storyline that will resonate with fans of Persuasion who enjoy modern variations based on Austen’s stories and who are willing to enjoy this story based on its own merits.”