Missing Auggie

Missing AuggieWhat if your husband went away for the weekend and never came home?

That’s what happened to Sam when her husband Auggie called her to say he was on his way home from a guys weekend but never arrived. As the police investigate their friends and family, Sam tries to make sense of what could have happened. Did he run off with another woman? Did his dead car and phone cause him to wander into a blizzard and get lost looking for help? Did someone he trusted hurt him to protect a secret or out of jealousy? His sister Bridgette’s obsession with a serial killer results in national press attention that disrupts everyone’s lives. His mother Regina is convinced Auggie’s business partner killed him to protect a secret. The police think he’s dead. The press blames Sam. Sam, meanwhile, is simply trying to take care of their son as the weeks turn into months. Who’s right? What happened to Auggie?

Missing Auggie is currently on hold for future publication.