Unraveling Carrie Woodhouse

Unraveling Carrie Woodhouse Temporary Book Cover

Anticipated March 2022.

Being wrong might not be the end of the world but sometimes it can feel like it!

Carrie Woodhouse thinks she has it all. She runs her family’s yarn shop The Stash Yarn Shop and Cafe, one of the most popular hang-out spots in the town of Lacock, Mass. She and her best friend Zach, the head chef at the cafe, are having a fun fling. She’s helping her friends, and fellow business owners, successfully build their new businesses in downtown. Her local yarn-lovers help her support their community by doing local charity work and running an annual fundraiser. All the good she does in her community makes her confident that she’s ready to do more.

When Lisa, the new director of the local community center, invites her to sit on the board of directors, Carrie sees an opportunity to do more good for Lacock. She works to connect Lisa to the right community leaders, even if it leaves out important voices. One of those leaders is Bart, the local Chamber of Commerce CEO. Bart has his own plans for Lacock and when he and Carrie eventually butt heads, it launches a battle that consumes Carrie’s already stretched attention. Now her workload has increased to the point where the people and projects she loves are left in the dust. She risks losing her store and the man who loves her if she can’t admit her limitations and learn from her mistakes.