Modern Persuasion’s Blog Tour

Thank you to all the wonderful bloggers and their readers who have supported the Modern Persuasion blog tour.  On this page you can find the blog entries (both positive and… not so positive) related to the blog tour, a list of give away winners, and any additional content that came out of it.

Blog Tour Stops

Giveaway Winners

Many of the blogs ran their own giveaways for ebooks, please check them out to see if you won an ebook.  Here are the giveaways and I have run to promote Modern Persuasion and the awesome people who won them.

Fredrick's Knick-knack's GiveawayFredrick’s Book Tour Knick Knacks was a give away I ran through the week of the blog tour and the week after.  The winner got an item from each city Fredrick’s team visited on his book tour: New York City, Boston, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Chicago.  Two bonus items, related to Cape Cod (where the second half of the story takes place) were included as was an autographed paperback copy of the novel.

Winner: Patricia Finnegan!