Frozen Wasteland Book Club Support Page

Hello Book Clubs!

I’m Sara Marks, the author of the Frozen Wasteland horror series. I’m so excited your book club would like to read one of the books in this series. This page should give you everything you need for your club members to get the book and discuss it at your meeting.

The series

Currently consisting of two books, the Frozen Wasteland series is cosmic horror and dark fantasy series. Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s otherworldly Eldridge creatures, each book explores a new environment that always leads to Kraulaak.

In book one, Kraulaak, readers are immersed in a small New England town and its branch library that has a high staff turnover. In Bribre, readers explore the world of Multi-level Marketing companies and the women who lose everything.

Can teenagers read this? If they like this genre, there’s no reason why not. There may be some profanity but there’s no sex or excessive violence.

The Books

Kraulaak Book Cover

What I can do for your book club

I know not everyone can or wants to buy books. To help you all read in the format you like, I have options!

  • 3 paperback loaners of the complete collection
  • Free ebooks in the format of your choice (either the complete collection or individual novelettes)

I’d love to chat with your book club. I’ve been in book clubs myself and know not everyone will love the book. We don’t have to talk about the book. I’m happy to talk about:

  • Loving horror and Lovecraft
  • My inspiration for these books
  • Doing research about MLMs or New England towns

Let me know if you want to schedule a visit!

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What else?

Let’s chat.