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The next collection of horror stories from author Sara Marks. Women all over the US are convinced to accept the opportunity to start businesses with Multi-level Marketing companies, or direct sales, like Mary Kay, Lularoe, Unique, Avon, Tupperware, and so many others. If you haven’t been part of a company like this, chances are someone you know or love has. Most go into debt trying to make their business work, blaming themselves for failure but the odds were never in their favor. Still, they hope to be the lucky one to find wealth and happiness.

What if there was something more nefarious at work? Bribre is a multi-level marketing company focused on clothes. Each story addresses the various ways people interact with the company and how it manipulates women to buy products, host parties, and become consultants. Fay searches for answers for what is really going on in the company. How many women will fall in the wake of her need to know the truth? Join me as we explore!

The Opportunity is the first story in this collection about Bribre, a Multi-Level Marketing company that sells clothes to women through home parties.

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Watch for release date information. Anticipated release in June!

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